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Natallia Baturova
Body & soul

Welcome to my page!

My Name is Natallia and  I am a Stretching and Pole Dance Instructor starting from 2008. Hier is a little bit of my story…  



I was not doing any dance or gymnastics professionally when I was a kid. So, all the techniques and flexibility I got being an adult. And it turned out to be a priceless  experience in my understanding and knowing how to work with adults who, like myself, didn’t have a solid gymnastics background, but desired to become flexible. 

I was 19, when I decided to live my passion and make a Dance my profession. That was the decision of the heart and one of the best I have ever made. I started to train different dance styles (stage dance, hip hop, jazz, ballet, pole dance) in my home city Minsk and continued in Berlin from 2005. 2007 I began to learn circus  acrobatics and gymnastics from one of most prominent soviet contortionist Iryna Vashchenko and became her admirer and a student for many years. 


After numerous stage performances (with a team and solo) more and more I felt to begin sharing my knowledge, experience and love for dance and movement. 2008 my partner and I opened the first pole dance school in Berlin named „Schönheitstanz Berlin Studio“, where I was happy to be a part of the team till 2020. 

With the time I started to observe more deeply the spiritual aspect of our body transformation during the classes. Transformation of the body gives us not only many health benefits, it positively changes our mind too. As a result, having a save experience in this conscious training process, we begin feeling and perceiving things differently. Our personality changes, so does our reality too. Isn’t it magic? ✨ This is exactly what inspires me every single time to enjoy this beautiful journey with you. 

All the love, 

All the light. 

health and stretch