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health and stretch


Increase your flexibility: splits, bends, hand/elbow stands, bridges and muscular strength.

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Pole Fitness

Complete body workout in a form of dance and self expession: builds muscles, burns fat, increases flexibility and releases endorphins.

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Body Fit

Get sculpted body with effective strength/ cardio workout boosting your mood, health and energy. 

Natallia Baturova
your personal Trainer


My Name is Natallia and I am a certified Stretching and XPERT Certified Pole Fitness 3&4 Instructor. Hier is a little bit of my story…   I was not doing any dance or gymnastics professionally when I was a kid. So, all the techniques and flexibility I got being an adult. And it turned out to be a priceless experience in my understanding and knowing how to work with adults who, like myself, didn’t have a solid gymnastics background, but desired to become flexible…
Body & soul

Health and Stretch